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News Briefs:

The Chief of Exhibits of the United Nations, Jan Arnesen, joined the SAF Advisory Board recently, holding the same position she holds at the UN.

Michael Faenza, the President of the National Mental Health Association, has also recently joined our Board of Directors as Vice President.

FAQ – Freqently Asked Questions

1. What is the Survivors Art Foundation?

We are a not-for-profit tax deductible charitable organization. Our mission is to promote healing through the arts. We offer support to survivors of trauma, creating vehicles and networking to advocate on behalf of the participant/artists. By assisting our participants with a variety of support systems and resources, many of which deal with healing and recovery issues, we hope to foster their personal and career growth. Along the way, we will try to increase public awareness about the causes and effects of abuse and trauma.

2. What are the requirements to become a participant of the Survivors Art Foundation?

Participants are trauma and/or abuse survivors, at any stage in their healing process. Survivors Art Foundation gives support to all people suffering from the aftermath of trauma related issues, offering help, hope and resources to the young and old, male and female, with no bias to any race, nationality or religion.

3. How can I join the Survivors Art Foundation?

Just respond by going to “Contact Us” and filling out the Participation Form. Include your e-mail and snail mail addresses so we can send you a brochure. Or write to us: Survivors Art Foundation, P.O. Box 383, Westhampton, NY 11977.

4. How can my work be seen in the Web Gallery?

At this time, due to high traffic, SAF is accepting website URL submissions only. You must be a registered participant, and the URL you submit must:

  • contain your writing or artworks, or link to your writings or artworks directly
  • not be a commercial site, unless you are selling your own writings or artworks

For example, please do not submit the main page of your website if your writings or artworks can’t be reached in one click from that page. This will ensure that patrons will be able to view your writing or artworks immediately after clicking on your link here at SAF.

Your URL will be featured in our Index of Artists’ Websites. Please visit a few of our other participating artist’s web pages for ideas on how to present your artwork. Please also see our specific submission guidelines.

NOTE regarding copyrights: The Foundation does not apply for or supply an individual’s copyright for their works. Check the Resources for the Arts Page for copyright information.

5. What if I would like to remain anonymous, or if I am only interested in exhibiting and not selling my work?

That is fine, just clearly state in the body of your letter that you wish to remain anonymous, and we will follow your instructions. Survivors Art Foundation’s Web Art Gallery is available for exhibition as well as sales.

6. How do I sell my work on the web?

The Foundation does not sell any participant’s work directly from the web gallery. Survivors Art Foundation acts only to help the participants to exhibit and promote their works. We do not act as a sales representative and we do not charge any commissions. All moneys or compensations are to the artist directly, and transactions are between the artist and the patron.

7. My art form is a non-tangible product, that cannot be displayed, such as: performance art, dance, theater or mime. How do I display my work?

In that case, we would suggest a photograph of yourself, possibly performing your craft. Write a brief summary of your craft, some credits or background, your name and other pertinent contact information. Clients can contact you directly for work. The Foundation will keep all of your information in our active files for upcoming shows that may utilize your art form or craft.

8. I am a musician, videographer or filmmaker. How are my works displayed?

In the near future we expect to be adding both video and slide shows for video/film, and audio capabilities for musicians’ work to be seen and heard. For now, you can still exhibit your craft on the web gallery in the same format as described to the performing artists above.

9. What are some of the other programs you offer, other than the Web Gallery? How can I participate in those programs as well?

Survivors Art Foundation also produces multi-media art exhibits and shows, both locally and regionally. Outreach programs are another crucial dimension of our program, utilizing participants and art therapy specialists, to teach other survivors, with their particular skills. Programs are taught in a variety of facilities, such as schools, retreats, safe houses, hospitals, and libraries. Check the Programs Page on the main menu. There you will find many of the present and future projects, which are updated regularly. You can always send us copies of your new work, along with a letter of inquiry as to a program you are interested in participating in. You can participate in the same way as applying for inclusion on the web gallery. That way we can contact you when a show or exhibit is either coming up in your area, or if we feel your work is suitable in a different combination project.

10. Are there programs planned for my part of the country? My part of the world?

We are ever expanding the radius of our endeavors, so keep checking with us either by mail or reading the Future Planned Projects list. You are welcome to volunteer to get involved on a working level within the organization, to help plan some activities on a grass roots level in your own community. We would greatly appreciate your help and input, and could  match you up with other volunteers in your area. The Foundation would then assist in the organizational aspects of your local community-based program. Working together, your local chapter of the Survivors Art Foundation and the directors of that division can formulate a project. Contact us by email at [email protected]. Please see our Programs page for exhibit dates and submission guidelines.

11. I need information related to survivor issues and healing. Where can I go for help?

Our Survivor’s Resource Page. You will find many areas of support there, both on and off the Internet. Resources are given for a wide range of trauma issues: brain injury and other health related trauma, sexual abuse, crime, domestic violence, physical abuse, war, emergency workers PTSD, Holocaust and torture survivors, families of survivors, alcohol and substance abuse, eating disorders, self harm, recovering offenders, and victim’s rights.

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