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Alexandria Heather-Vazquez
[email protected]
Alexandria Heather-Vazquez was first published at the age of nine. Her work has appeared in dozens of publications, magazines, books and galleries, both in the United States and abroad. She uses a variety of pseudonyms to examine the responses to identical art from male and female artists. Although this experiment has many variables, thus far she has discovered that the responses to male pseudonyms overwhelm the female names for the same works. A multi-media artist, her work examines the many imbalances within our world. Dedicated to the belief that men and women must recognize each other and the earth as interdependent organisms, her art, films, poems and fiction are the end result of an ongoing process of understanding years of childhood sexual abuse. She lives in Manhattan with her husband, stepdaughter, turtle, iguanas, and two very pushy cats.

You can see more of Ms. Heather-Vasquez's work in our
Visual Arts, Digital Art, Mixed Media, Comics and Poetry galleries.


"Devil's Haircut"


"Sunday Morning NYC"




Child of One
by Alexandria Heather-Vazquez

Sun rose out of nowhere
the easiest thing to do
forget breathing
hands over hands
tongue over tongue
restless cronies in
mid-afternoon underwear
look on disinterested
the home-full
the home-less
crumpled forms of somebody’s child
it hasn’t been easy
this act of not giving up
not easy remembering
where i came from
lost in the moment that is
yes, there is no doubt
this moment of breath
you and i exist
fleeting knowledge
we are fleeting
the cronies sit
watching the kiss
fad into the air that obliterates
the stench of the city
overrides our small creatures’
sense of self

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