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Recent Programs and Projects

2000 to Present (Ongoing)
“Totem Rhythms" Outreach Project

In the "Totem Rhythms" Outreach Project, SAF out-reach coordinators work with Native Americans from various Native American Nations through out the United States.
The project first began November 2000. (November is Native American Month), and continues on. Totem poles are constructed with individual Native American Nations with “at-risk youth “ and adult survivors struggling with alcohol and drug addictions, incest survivors, domestic violence survivors suffering with depression, PTSD, and other disabilities and disorders.

The culmination of the projects results in the Totem Poles being exhibited both locally on the Nations Reservation and at the United Nations in New York City. The totems and artwork are then exhibited as part of the “Celebration of Indigenous Peoples" Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues and on the Survivors Art Foundations permanent web art gallery as well as the United Nation’s website. The website for the Totem Rhythms Project is http://www.totemrhythms.org

The first totems were exhibited at the United Nations “Art Against Racism and Indigenous Peoples" Exhibition, August 2001, in New York, NY. The photographs of the totems were then shipped to Africa for the second part of the United Nations exhibit, September 2001. The totem poles were also on exhibit in Southampton, NY in March 2001 and in Washington D.C. at the National Mental Health Associations annual conference, June 2001.The following year, new totems were produced with different Native American Nations as part of the on-going outreach project. The totems were then exhibited at the 2002 Indigenous Peoples Celebration at the United Nations in New York City.

We are very happy to announce that the EDN who finished their four poles were exhibited at the Indigenous Peoples Celebration at The United Nations in NY, May 2002. (Please see Indigenous Peoples Celebration and Exhibition 2003, below.)

2000 to Present (Ongoing)
Survivors Art Foundation Newsletter

The production and distribution of the Survivors Art Foundation (SAF) Newsletter is an extremely important aspect of the foundation's ongoing outreach and support of participants, their families and friends. The SAF Newsletter is circulated to trauma survivors worldwide via e-mail. The newsletter offers informative and educational articles; related services for trauma survivors, clinicians, and survivors' families; as well as information on exhibitions and opportunities. SAF provides registered participants with a bulk emailed newsletter, consisting of ongoing program announcements, recently completed and up coming exhibitions, out-reach projects, including “Calls for Art Submissions” and other opportunities. The SAF Newsletter also accomplishes an extremely important goal of the organization, which is breaking the isolation of survivors, some of whom are house-bound by either mental or physical disabilities. We are their link to the outside world, offering them encouragement and support by being part of a larger survivor community that is ever-growing. Another very important component of this newsletter is to “break the walls of bias towards disabilities” through education to the public at large.

2000 to Present (Ongoing)
Survivors Art Foundation SAFeCards (E-mail greeting cards)

Survivors Art Foundation developed and implemented our own custom e-cards, available to everyone at no cost on the SAF website. Additionally, these greeting cards are periodically bulk emailed, just as the newsletter) to registered SAF participants, as a means of breaking their isolation and helping them to feel more involved in the organization. Some of our survivors may have no ties to the outside world, or may have lost their reasons for feeling hopeful or positive ... many of our participants struggle with terminal or debilitating diseases, such as MS, AIDS, cancer, ALS, etc.; these e-cards, along with our newsletter, offer a form of hope and encouragement to them.

Card designs are selected from works submitted by survivor participants, or from Outreach Projects created by other survivors.

Another unique and creative aspect of this program is our quarterly e-card design contests, where SAF participants submit their artwork to be selected as the newest e-card available on the SAF website. Some of our participants may be house-bound and never able to submit their works to, or attend, an exhibition; our SAFeCard contests, as well as our listing of artists' websites and our web gallery, provides them with a means of having their works seen by the world.

July 2004
SAF's Children with Diabetes "Possibilities" Art Mural

Survivors Art Foundation sponsored "Camp Possibilities” and the creation of an Art Mural in July 2004. The mission of Camp Possibilities is to create a safe and loving camp for children with diabetes, to address the emotional and physical pain caused by diabetes, and to give them the confidence to reach their full potential. This camp for children with diabetes provides a safe environment for children to participate in traditional camp activities with their peers. It is an opportunity for them to meet role models and other children who are suffering from diabetes. Effective management of diabetes has proven to reduce complications from diabetes, and the camp provides an excellent forum to present and to practice the most current advancements for diabetes management.

The overnight camp was held July 25 through August 1, 2004, and the Camp Mural Project was led by Professor Marietta Dantonio-Fryer, Professor of Art Cheyney University of Pennsylvania, and our Survivors Art Foundation Outreach coordinator.

Outreach Program: Operation Healing Art, U.S.A.
"United We Stand as Artists, Unifying Spirits through Art"
Artists who wanted to use the power of Art as a healing tool created and designed American flags composed of individual squares reflecting the emotions of the people.Libertas Creare” (Freedom To Create) copyright Marietta Dantonio-Fryer and Joel T. Keener. View this project online

June, 2001
SAF and the National Mental Health Association Conference
"Justice for All: Addressing America's Mental Health Disparities"

SAF conducted an Art Exhibition for the National Mental Health Association's reception at the Dirksen Senate Office Building, and at the Washington D.C. Grand Hyatt Hotel. The NMHA Conference featured a special "Into the Light" Award presentation to Dr. Alvin Poussaint. With this award, Dr. Poussaint joined an illustrious group of past recipients, including Tipper Gore, Rosalynn Carter, Elizabeth Dole, Alan I. Leshner, Ph.D., Steven E. Hyman, M.D., and Surgeon General David Satcher, MD, Ph.D. The exhibit included the SAF Kosovo Refugee silk panels, work additionally created by Native Americans and other minority groups, and two 6-foot banner reproductions of the recently completed AIDS murals. The murals were created as part of a SAF outreach project involving male and female inmates with AIDS at Delaware State Prison.

May, 2001
"The Art of Recovery: Your Freedom to Choose" Conference

SAF provided the 8th Annual Bi-County Consumer/Survivor Empowerment Conference with an expressive dance therapy workshop conducted by Director of Dance Linni Deihl, and motivational talk and presentation delivered by Executive Director Candyce Brokaw. The conference took place on May 18, 2001 at the Marriott Hotel in Melville, LI, NY. View exerpts of the conference online.

April, 2001
SAF and the New York State Office of Mental Health, Office of the Chief Medical Officer, Trauma Unit Mastering the Key Connector: "Clinical Training on Trauma Services in the Public Mental Heath System"

Survivors Art Foundation provided an art exhibition for the New York State Office for Mental Health Trauma Divisions 6th Annual Conference, at the Marriott Marquee in New York City, during the first week in April. The exhibition featured the Kosovo refugee silk paintings and mobile, as well as photography and poetry by SAF participants. The artwork was well received by over 1,000 mental health providers, doctors, clinicians and trauma survivors that attended the 3-day conference. Guest speakers included Dusty Miller, author of "Women Who Hurt Themselves." View excerpts of the conference online.

March, 2001

The Third annual March Exhibition in honor of Women's History Month, Southampton, NY was held in March, 2001. This year's exhibition focused on the performing arts, with four ethnic dance workshops, including African and Latino cultures. View the show online.

"Wings of Love" Mural

"Wings of Love" was created under the direction of artist, art therapist, Outreach Coordinator of SAF, Marietta Dantonio-Fryer. The powerful, 8-foot mural "Wings of Love" was created by women at Baylor Correctional Center. These women are all living with AIDS. It is an inspirational painting about their trials, their pain of their past, and their hope for the future. There are blue images of women standing back to back in the painting which are the participants. They depict the idea that if women can stand together, they will stand tall and be the hope for our children in the future. The background is done in a crackling technique to show that drugs and abuse causes fracturing of the family and the self. There are symbols of life, courage, accountability, responsibility, and love flowing freely to their children. The center is a symbol of birth, and the fire within their hearts going outwards towards the children of the world. "Within these walls a spirit blooms." It is a passionate portrayal of women joined in a common cause. To heal the wounds within and to protect the children. Marietta says: "I salute you: Andrea, Anita, Headie, Lori, Tammy, Yvette, Tanya, and Tysheik." This project was a collaborative effort of Survivors Art Foundation, Delaware Center for Justice, and Baylor Correctional Center. View the "Wings of Love" project online.

"Guardian Mural" - November 2000

Marietta Dantonio-Fryer, SAF Outreach Coordinator, just completed the "Guardian Mural" Outreach Project at the Elwyn facility, PA. This Outreach project is with a group of adolescents who are mentally challenged and some who are also physical and sexual abuse survivors. The mural weighs over 1,000 pounds and includes plaster death masks of the children's faces. The children themselves requested this, and it was an act of trust in having them sit while the masks hardened. Then children selected another child as a guardian, to look over and protect them during the process, fostering trust. Then the children (teenagers) asked to have mirrors embedded into the eyes of the masks. Their reason was so when people looked into their eyes they would see reflections of themselves. Because as the children put it, "society fears them but has created them." The Guardian mural will be on exhibit in Southampton in March 2001. View the "Guardian Mural" online.

"Stand By Me and Be Free" - November 2000

"Stand By Me and Be Free Mural Exhibition" an Art Outreach Project conducted with male inmates from Delaware Correctional Center with AIDS. This project was created by Marietta Dantonio-Fryer SAF Outreach Project Coordinator. The title came about because the men feel like lepers and just want to be held by another human being. The next AIDs Outreach project with female prisoners started in November. These women all have many children, and would like to convey an educational message to the public about AIDS Awareness and Prevention, as well as breaking the Bias towards those with AIDS. Both murals are eight foot octagons and are embedded with real healing gemstones. View the "Stand By Me and Be Free" mural online.

"Totem Rhythms" - Nov. 2000

The "Totem Rhythms" Outreach Project with Native Americans from various Native Nations across the US has just begun this November (November is Native American Month). Three Totem poles with be constructed per Nation with at-risk youth and adult survivors. The first Nation that participated was the Thunder Mountain Clan of PA, November 2000. One totem to stay with the Nation, one totem to tour with the traveling exhibition, and the third totem to be presented at the end of this project to the National Native American Museum, ALA Vietnam Wall to honor our Nations first Holocaust Survivors. The website for the Totem Rhythms Project is http://www.totemrhythms.org

Elan Kumankw Native American Mural


This display consists of 6 wooden panels. "Elan Kumankw" or "We Are All Related," an original mural depiction of area Native American history and symbolism. The Walum Olum, a pictographic chronicle of the Delaware Indians is featured on the panels along with original artwork from over seventy-five artists -- from a twelve year old girl's panel (with many children contributing to it), to the creation story of the Eastern Deleware Nation, and other topics. Marietta Dantonio-Fryer, Deleware's 1998 Art Educator of the Year recipient, has worked with members of the Eastern Deleware Nation, especially Chief Mike Medicine Shield of PA, to bring the mural to public awareness. Click above image to view entire mural.

Saks Fifth Avenue - Sept. 2000

SAF conducted an Art Exhibition for 3 weeks in September at Saks Fifth Avenue on Long Island in collaboration for the Huntington Breast Cancer Organization and Breast Cancer Research. The exhibit consisted of the work of breast and other cancer survivors. View the Saks Show online.

"HAT" - Sept. 2000

One of the most recent SAF Outreach Programs is the "HAT" -- Healing, Art & Technology -- Program, in which SAF conducts both art and technology training workshops with populations such as at-risk youth, and domestic violence shelters, etc. The program was recently conducted at Ft. Riley, Kansas, training 92 US Army International Art Directors, Sept 21-25, 2000. We have proposed that this program will be followed by an Art and Technology Outreach Project with U.S. Army Soldiers and their families, at risk youth and possibly soldiers with PTSD returning from Kosovo. View the H.A.T. Show online.

UNIFEM Exhibition, "Progress of the World's Women," June 2000

Survivors Art Foundation in collaboration with UNIFEM (United Nations Development Fund for Women) is sponsoring an exhibition in the Visitor's Lobby of the United Nations, June 5-27, 2000, 1st Avenue and East 45th Street, New York City. Artworks include the Kosovo silk panels, created by young adults ages 13 to 22 years, as well as other female survivors' works from SAF's participating artists (including Oxana Narozniak, Bojana Blagojevic, and Ingrid Madera). The exhibition will mark the progress of women from around the world. View the UNIFEM Show online.

"Women and Children of the New Millennium," March 2000

In Honor of Women's History Month, Southampton Cultural Center, March 2000. The Kosovo works were on exhibit along with works from survivors worldwide. SAF also involved local schools in an essay contest and weekday tours to view the exhibition. View the "Women and Children of the New Millenium" Show online.

United Nations, December 1999 - February 2000

The Children's "Visions of the New Millennium" Exhibition was featured in the lobby of the United Nations, December 17 through February 28, 2000. This Exhibition featured the Survivors Art Foundation Kosovo Refugee Out-Reach Project "Flight to Freedom Mobile" and eight hand-painted silk panels and photographs; Other children's works from SAF's Safe Kids Web site were also exhibited, including "Art Sense", a ten foot ceramic mosaic mural created by 200 deaf and blind children from the Elywin Facility, Media PA.; a magnificent eight-foot circular acrylic painting titled "Journey into Healing," created by teenage rape survivors (ages 13-18); from Bosnia, a photo-journalistic study created by children (ages 5-16) during the war; and a reproduction of the Ferris School for Boy's Murals. The exhibition is in collaboration with the United Nations. View the United Nations show online.

USArtists, October 1999

The USArtists Exhibition, "Extraordinary At: Beyond the Museum II," featured ten hand-painted silk panels from the Survivors Art Foundation Kosovo Refugees Outreach Project. The USArtists Exhibition took place on October 22, 23, and 24th, 1999 at the 33rd Street Armory, Philadelphia, PA. View the panels online -- View excerpts from the USArtists show online.

Note: SAF Outreach Project Coordinator, Marieitta Dantonio designed the Interactive Art Project for both the Kosovo Refugees and U.S. Soldiers, in June 1999 at Fort Dix, NJ. The project was a collaboration with Survivors Art Foundation, the United States Army Arts and Crafts Department, the Department of Human Services and The American Red Cross. SAF worked with different age groups of refugees ranging from small children to young adults. The experience was joyful and unforgettable for all involved. The entire event produced 38 pieces of children's art configured into an enormous mobile, and ten hand-painted silk masterpieces created by young adults.

September, 1999

Survivors Art Foundation, in collaboration with the Huntington Breast Cancer Coalition, exhibited at Saks Fifth Avenue in Huntington NY, September 22-28,1999. SAF participant Oxana's work was featured at an in-store exhibition, all proceeds will support breast cancer research. View 360° Panoramic Gallery online.

August, 1999

The "Head for Health" Seminar and Multi-Media Art Exhibition was hosted by the Hofstra Museum at Hofstra University, in collaboration with Survivors Art Foundation and the Acoustic Neuroma Association, on August 14, 1999. View "Head for Health" online now.

SAF at August Lilith Fairs:

  • Hartford, CT, August 4, 1999
  • Jones Beach, NY, August 6, 1999
  • Denver, CO, August 28-29, 1999

Survivors Art Foundation was selected by the Lilith Fair to provide the concertgoers at various sites around the country with an Inter-Active Arts Program. 1999 is the last year that the all-female performer concert, the Lilith Fair, will be touring the US. SAF volunteers worked with all age groups attending the concert on an art project that will be displayed on the Lilith Fair and SAF web sites.

The commemorative "Lilith Fair Hands and Hearts Quilt" involved concert attendees from the various fairs, painting and drawing their hands, hearts, impressions and feelings about the event, with their signatures on different shaped materials, mounted on two-sided wood panels. The inter-active piece will give the illusion of walking through a maze. Music and photographs from the Fair will also be incorporated into the final installation presentation. The commemorative " Lilith Fairs Hands and Hearts Quilt" will tour regionally with the Survivors Art Foundation's Multi-Media Art Exhibitions. View the "Hands and Hearts" project online.

SAF and Kosovo Refugees, June, 1999
SAF conducted an Art Outreach Program with the Kosovo refugees, at Fort Dix, NJ, the last week in June 1999. The project was collaboration with Survivors Art Foundation, the United States Army Arts and Crafts Department, the Department of Human Services and The American Red Cross.

The theme of the piece is "Flight to Freedom," said SAF Outreach Project Coordinator, Marieitta Dantonio. She designed an Inter-Active Art Project for Kosovo refugees and US soldiers to work on together. SAF worked with different age groups of refugees ranging from small children to adults. The experience was joyful and unforgettable for all involved. The entire event produced 38 circular children's pieces of art, and 10 enormous silk masterpieces created by adults.

The Kosovo refugees were each given a Polaroid snapshot of themselves and their completed artwork. This was the first time that many of the children had ever seen an instant photograph of themselves, and were delighted with the gift.

The Kosovo Refugee artwork will tour regionally with other Survivors Art Foundation's Multi-Media Art Exhibitions. View "Flight to Freedom" online now.

May, 1999
The 1999 VOICES in Action "17th Annual International Conference on Child Sexual Abuse and Art Exhibit" was held May 20-23 in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida. The event was sponsored by VOICES in Action (Victims of Incest Can Emerge Survivors) and Survivors Art Foundation. The exhibit featured all forms of artwork including poetry.

March, 1999
"Birth," the first multimedia art show of the new Survivor's Art Foundation premiered on March 19-21 at the Southampton Cultural Center. Featuring the work of more than 40 artists, both local and international, "Birth" focused on the healing power of art in all forms from painting, sculpture, and photography to dance, poetry and computer arts. More details. View the show online!

August, 1998
The Westhampton Beach Outdoor Art Show was a great success. It took place during the first weekend in August at the Mary O'Fritchie Art Show, in Westhampton, New York. Members exhibited paintings, drawings, photography and sculpture. We expect to be there again next year with a greatly expanded exhibit.

Future Exhibit Dates:

Currently pending ... please bookmark this page and check back for updates.

Future/Continuing Programs:

Touring National Exhibition
A National Touring company is being developed for a multi-media exhibit. The program will include artwork, sculpture, poetry and prose, mixed-media, photography, music, dance, mime, movement and film. No date is slated at this time. The exhibit will tour throughout the country working out of the grand ballrooms of a major hotel chain. Other locations such as schools and more localized sites may be selected as well.

Documentary Independent Film
A documentary film prospectus is being developed at present, the title of which is "Art Heals". We are gathering information on participant/artists who wish to be involved in this project.

Permanent Gallery of the Arts Dedicated to Survivors
The Survivors Art Foundation hopes to eventually accumulate the funds to create a permanent Gallery of the Arts, which would host an ever growing and changing exhibition of survivor art. The projected location of the Gallery is New York City.

The continued growth and expansion of our award-winning Internet Art Gallery and resource pages for trauma survivors, their families and clinicians, as well as the development and growth of our SAFeKids Internet Art & Literary Gallery at http://www.survivorsartfoundation.org and http://SAFeKids.survivorsartfoundation.org

Web Arts Gallery
Survivors Art Foundation's Internet Art Gallery acts as a clearing-house for members to express and exhibit their particular art form, providing employment, motivation and exposure for their craft. The Foundation allows members to exhibit and sell their work directly, never taking any commissions. We are funded through corporate and individual donations. On our website there are resources for obtaining leads on jobs, scholarships and grants, survivor healing tools, support groups, therapies, and other information. We also maintain an extensive and regularly-updated list of survivors' websites, displaying their particular art forms.

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