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Survivors Art Foundation

Our Board of Directors

Michael Herships, Ph.D.
Treasurer and Secretary

Graduated Cum Laude from Princeton University in 1966 with a B.S. in Aeronautical Engineering, and from Stanford University with a M.S. in Aeronautics & Astronautics. Dr. Herships has been working with computers and related engineering design equipment for the past 31 years. From 1968 through 1971 he worked at Grumman Aerospace Corporation, developing computer programs to calculate the fluid flow around the space shuttle during re-entry and low speed flight. He wrote the aerodynamic/heat transfer section of Grumman's space shuttle proposal. He also has a Ph.D. in clinical psychology and maintains a private practice on Long Island.

Candyce Brokaw
President and Director

Ms. Brokaw is a survivor of sexual abuse and rape. She founded Survivors Art Foundation after experiencing the tremendous relief and healing power of the arts directly. She used her particular art forms, illustrations and poetry, to express great feelings of pain, despair and rage. "The arts have allowed me to purge many otherwise negative feelings and turn them around into positive healing experiences."

"I hope to help clear the path of obstacles and to better enable survivors to find the resources to market their particular art skills, thus allowing them both the monetary and emotional rewards they deserve. I would also like to introduce survivors with limited art backgrounds to new skills and a vehicle to help them process their pain, allowing them a positive and non- self-destructive path to use in their healing. Art can create a new outlet for frustration and pent-up feelings, removing old behaviors, that could in the past destroy families and further continue the cycle of abuse. The goal is to enable both parent and child with a shared appreciation of each other and the arts."

"The Survivors Art Foundation is cause for hope and celebration, and survivor helping survivor."

Susan Bailey
Member, SAF Board

Susan Bailey, after growing up in South Africa, spent 10 years travelling the world as a professional dancer and performer. She retired to raise her five children and study alternative healing and shamanism. She continues to dance, teaching African dance to adults on the East End of Long Island where she lives with her husband and children. Her youngest son Daniel teaches African drum techniques and plays for the dance classes.She takes her love of indigenous cultures into the schools where she introduces children to the stories, dances and rhythms of tribal peoples. Susan has a healing practice in the New York area.

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