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Survivors Art Foundation

SAF In the News

Summer 2002 - Featured in "Raw Vision" Magazine

May/June 2002 - Featured in "Adbusters" Magazine

Listed as one of seven groups "on the path to a new normal," Adbusters states that "SAF is a starting point for anyone interested in the pen, the paintbrush, or the sculptor's knife as a means of mental recovery. One result? A striking website gallery of writing and art."

January, 2001 - Featured in "Self" Magazine, page 79

"Having a tough time? Painting a picture can help you express feelings you can't articulate, says the Survivors Art Foundation, a nonprofit organization in Westhampton, New York, which uses the arts as a healing therapy. Its website, www.survivorsartfoundation.org, hosts a virtual gallery of artwork by people dealing with life traumas."

SAF Picked As "Hot Site" by USA Today



June 13, 2000: "Artful Healing: 'Healing through Art ... Art through Healing' - the motto of the Survivors Art Foundation, which is committed to empowering trauma-survivors with effective, expressive outlets. And you can view diverse works online." Sites are picked and reviewed by Technology Editor Sam Vincent Meddis.

SAF Outreach Coordinator Marietta Dantonio has been recognized as a "Local Hero" at Idea Forest, a website featuring arts and crafts ideas and resources. She has been recognized as "a humanitarian who uses her artistic gifts and skills to aid others." For more information, please visit Idea Forest and click on "Community," then "Making a Difference," then "Local Hero." Congratulations, Marietta!

Media Archive: Articles

August, 2000 -- "Networking"

March, 2000 -- "The Southampton Press" and "Dan's Papers"

November, 1999 - "Art Business News"

March, 1999 -- "The Southampton Press"

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