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Survivors Art Foundation

About Us

Our Mission Statement

Healing through Art … Art through Healing … Mainstreaming Trauma Survivors with Physical and Mental Disabilities into the Arts.

Dedicated to encourage healing through the arts, Survivors Art Foundation is a 501 (C)(3) non-profit organization committed to empowering Trauma-Survivors with Effective Expressive Outlets via Internet Art Gallery, Outreach Programs, National Exhibitions, Publications and Development of Employment Skills.

Our goals are to provide Entertainment, Education, and Exposure to the Arts. We endeavor to Raise Public Awareness through the Arts: Eradicating Abuse and Creating an Atmosphere of Acceptance for Survivors with Disabilities. Mainstreaming Trauma Survivors with Physical and Mental Disabilities into the Arts.

SAF has participants from 20 countries and 48 states, crossing all cultures, genders, ages and religions. They represent traditional and exploratory disciplines of the Visual, Literary and Performing Arts Arenas. They are Survivors, working through their personal journeys which span Physical and Domestic Violence, Rape, War-Related Trauma, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, AIDS, Cancer, MS, Mental Illness, and other Disabilities.

It is our mission to enable the Survivor/Artists to display and market their works to give them recognition, hope and direction by implementing this innovative approach to healing.

Participation in SAF is FREE! All Visual and Literary Submissions will be Permanently Archived for possible use in future Projects, Exhibitions and Publications. Submission of work does not guarantee placement in such projects. Please do not send Originals. We regret that submissions can not be returned.

Our Business Visions

Survivors Art Foundation will provide quality performance measured community programs and activities utilizing economies of scale among participating visual & performing artists, in order to effectuate continual learning, growing, goal oriented productive outcomes. Achieving reliable, valid and timely results will then create a shift away from crisis intervention toward prevention.

Survivors Art Foundation web gallery, touring exhibitions and community outreach programs will capitalize on the creative strengths of participant artists, to offer viable, creditable outlets to support their healing process and self- esteem and to heighten the public’s general awareness. These current and proposed programs work to remedy weakness with effective and efficient mainstream options which further provide continuous performance feedback to analyze and record data.

Survivors Art Foundation diversity will provide new, innovative, economically feasible programs to address age old social problems. Consider the rise of post traumatic stress disorders resulting from the increase of recent school murders and the domino effect on society as a whole.

  • Mount Survivors Art Foundation Internet web page information and art gallery to introduce Survivors Art Foundation on-line. Acquiring a broader platform in order to reach a world-wide audience.
  • Network and weblink to build artist participation. Enlarge organizational presence by gathering resources and creditable complimentary relationships.
  • Web gallery will act as a clearinghouse for members to express and  exhibit their particular art form, providing employment and motivation.
  • Creating this viable web voice to move from the virtual venue to community gallery showings, leading to touring regional exhibitions.
  • Involve community libraries, schools, shelters, treatment centers, and retreats to participate in outreach fashion. Hosting seminars, workshops, exhibitions (i.e. meet the artists), dance, music, drama, film performances.
  • Document and measure results via outcome studies and surveys.
  • Chronicle programs of and with participant artists (film makers, poets, graphic artists, photographers, musicians, dancers). To create a series of photo-journalistic essays/novellas/books for publication, along with accompanying documentary film prospectus.
  • Maintain throughout the process accountability to all sectors involved by accurately reporting results, assessing and improving programs, managing the growth of Survivors Art Foundation and problem solving.
  • Keep the mission of Survivors Art Foundation to heal and empower through art communication in the forefront by integrating commitment, belief, insight, inspiration with action/goal oriented programs.