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Visual Arts 12

Please note: The Survivors Art Foundation is not responsible for the content of an individual’s work or related site, which may contain graphic or triggering material.

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Hadass Golandsky
[email protected]
Ms. Golandsky works in chalk, with the outlines first marked in fluid glue. “Born in Israel in 1962 to a father who was a Jewish immigrant from White-Russia, and a mother from a well known family in Tiberias (Northen Israel). I am the last of three children, and the only girl. I attended an artistic high school in Haifa, where I finished my A-Exams in photography. After that I spent 2 years in the Israeli Army. I didn’t really feel at home in Israel, and in 1987 I moved to Austria, where I married and divorced an Austrian. It was here, far away from Israel and my family that I also came upon the fact that I am a survivor of sexual abuse in my childhood. Painting and writing poems (in Hebrew) help me go through the process of healing.” The artist’s comments accompany each picture. See also her Poetry.


“Blue Blood”

The way through healing from sexual abuse is sometimes very painful. There is not always joy at exposing and surviving. There is also pain, saddness and parts which will never heal.



This is a picture of a murmaid on her way to becoming a woman. Her tail slowly changes into legs, the further she swims towards the surface of the water.



Rimon is the Hebrew for pomegranate. In Judaism it resembles fruitility and sexuality. The pomegranate in this picture is the (unwanted?) embryo. It also shows that this symbol is connected to the roots of the woman who is carrying it.



The connection with the roots is important, yet the rest of the tree is moving freely.



There are many different trees in the world. Yet only one is the mother of the small girl. The mother-tree urges for freedom like the birds flying from her hair and the sun infront of her. The little girl is trying to hold the mother-tree, trying to attract her attention.



Standing under the pure water of a waterfall, trying to wash out the shame and dirt of the past. Does it help?

James E. Welch
[email protected]
Mr. Welch’s work can be seen at both and “I suffer from the trauma of physical and mental abuse that accured throughout my entire childhood and teenage years. I experienced childhood abduction. I had many different names and lived in many different homes. I never found a place to fit in, or a place to call home. Later in life I almost died from a serious fall. After this I came close to death again from a diabetic coma. I have PTSD.

“I have created some paintings that pertain to my condition. However, I have decided not to show them. I may never show them because of the memories they bring back. I also write poetry. When I write, I find it easier to express the tragedy of my life than when I paint.”


“Affair with an Angel”
28″ x 32″ Pastel


“The Fisher Girl”
18″ x 24″ Pastel


53″ x 37″ Pastel


“Endangered Wetlands No. 4”
50″ x 37″ Pastel

Marietta Dantonio-Fryer
[email protected]
Marietta Dantonio-Fryer is a survivor of childhood abuse. She graduated Kutztown University with her BS in Art Education, and continued her education at Marywood University where she received her MS in Education. After graduating she taught in the public schools of Pennsylvania, where she was also the district art coordinator. In 1982 she opened Dantonio Art Center, which she directed until it closed in 1998. During the 16-year history of DAC she worked with chapters of the National Art Honor Society and Junior National Art Honor Society, which created many murals that have been donated to various organizations over the years. Marietta has taught at Delaware State University and Springfield College. She is currently on the faculty at Wilmington College, where she teaches art and education classes. She also is working as an Art Therapist at Elwyn, Inc. in Media, PA, where she is creating a mural with the students in the Second Chances program. She has also co-created a Therapeutic Arts curriculum, with Joel Keener, that is being used by Ferris School for boys, a maximum security prison for boys from the ages of 8 to 19. Marietta was the Art Educator of the Year for the state of Deleware for 1998. She currently holds memberships in the American Art Therapist Association and National Art Educators Association. Her expertise is in working with survivors of trauma, physical and mental; these include at risk youth, incarcerated adults, persons with AIDS, senior citizens, survivors of sexual abuse, special needs and victims of cultural cleansing. She has also worked with the US Army, by traveling to various bases, to help soldiers find creative outlets for stress and separation anxiety. She is our SAF Outreach Coordinator and Professor of Art at Cheyney University of Pennsylvania.


“Mother and Child”


“The Dancer”


“Dolphin Song”


“Life Dreams”
Pastel original, color lithograph

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