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Karyn Ann Janowski
[email protected]
Karyn is a painter of portraiture; mainly interested in dichotomy, paradoxical personalities–in our own conflictual nature. “A bicycle accident reduced my artist efforts, for a time, to clipping items from the Sunday newspaper, each week for approximately one year I assembled a collage. These collages started as personal and directly pertained to the accident. They progressed to encompass many events in my life as well as the litany of disasters known as the ‘Sunday Paper.'” Karyn founded and directed The Warehouse Studio for visual artists and musicians in 1985.
Collections: Tralfamodore Co-op, Neils and Faith Ingwersen, Jeff Scott Olsen, Esq., Archive of the Wisconsin Regional Primate Research Center, Dynamic Resources Inc., Society of the Haight-Ashbury Charade, Microsoft Image Archive.

KaJa1.jpg (32282 bytes)

Ruled by Fear

KaJa2.jpg (34781 bytes)

Troubles Haven’t Diminished

KaJa3.jpg (22725 bytes)

Comes Sorrow

Anne McKenna
[email protected]

Ms. McKenna specializes in “Scrapbook Therapy.” She is an abuse survivor and has MPD. Regarding the use of scrapbooks to heal, Ms. McKenna says, “I first learned about scrapbook therapy about a week after my first abuse memories and I knew I was MPD. The idea is to use art to allow your alters or inside people/components to express themselves. … The project was described as something to have to remember your alters when you integrate. But it was also described as a useful way to get to know your alters. I had no idea just how expressive my alters could be through pictures.”



Marlene Craig (Mirror Lady)
[email protected]
Ms. Craig is both a fine and digitial artist, cartoonist, and webmaster. She is a survivor of abuse, which resulted in her acquiring a Dissociative Disorder. She is a public speaker regarding abuse issues, and has shown her art at survivor conferences. See also her Comics


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