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Janet I. Buck
[email protected]

Ms. Buck teaches writing and literature at college level and is widely published in both print and web magazines around the world. She is an amputee with a plethora of other medical complications. Janet’s new CD of poetry and music entitled “Before the Rose” contains 16 tracks of original poetry recorded by the author in a professional sound studio and set to the moving and graceful musical scores of David Jackson, Chris Carmichael (a fiddler in Kathy Mattea’s band), and Andy Derryberry. “Before the Rose” is the perfect companion on a road trip, in a traffic jam, or just soothing background for a long, hot bath. Ward Kelley says, “Buck’s work is a metaphor for the human condition … Her poems tilt the heart and find the crevices of the soul, where wisdom lives.”

To hear a sample, from Janet’s CD, go to:

To order a copy of “Before the Rose,” go to:

Also see Janet’s Poetry.

Marlene Slater
“My Kind Of Country”

Ms. Slater is a survivor of domestic violence. She has Fibromyalgia, CFIDS (Chronic Fatigue Immune Dysfunction Syndrome) and Epstein-Barr Virus. She is currently on medical leave from her work, and in the meantime works on web design to promote new and struggling country artists (singers/songwriters), in addition to a child protection site. “This is my therapy … if I can make a difference with the time I’m able to sit in front of this PC … this is what’s saved my sanity while coping with my disabilities and restrictions.”

Official Pages on “My Kind of Country”

Project: “Country Sings Out For Child Protection”

Andrea Starbird
[email protected]

Ms. Starbird is a musician. She is also an abuse survivor with Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome.

Michael Skinner
[email protected]

Michael Skinner’s solo album, “Train of Tears,” signals the rebirth of Skinner on several levels. The original songs are gritty, touched by the angst his long journey has led him through, but also by a renewed hope. He has dipped into a deep well of emotions and brought them to the surface: Mental illness is a challenge to be taken on, not a definition of who or what the person is. The stigma, which can be just as damaging as the illness in its isolation, is one that Skinner wants to actively speak out against. The song “Walk with Me” contains the lyrics, “So open up your eyes, clean out your ears. Learn to listen, listen to learn, and then you’ll hear …”

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“Train of Tears” can be ordered through: P.O. Box 661, Manchester, NH 03105-0661. A percentage of proceeds from the sale of this album will benefit the National Alliance for the Mentally Ill of New Hampshire, and Compassionate Connections, a mentoring prgram for youth, and organizations that help survivors of childhood sexual abuse.


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