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Please note: The Survivors Art Foundation is not responsible for the content of an individual's work or related site, which may contain graphic or triggering material.

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Vulcan's Forge (Collective)
2601 Melrose #B100, Cincinnati, OH 45206
(513) 221-8660
"Vulcan's Forge is a collaborative of painters, writers, photographers, crafts persons and performing artists (Vulcan's Players). We choose to celebrate our differences and bring joy and meaning to our lives through creative self expression. We have found that by pooling our talents and resources we have expanded our possibilities. We seek opportunities and a place for ourselves in a world where many of us have felt alienated. We have all been diagnosed with a mental illness, but illness is not our primary focus. In fact, it seems to recede in the light of our abilities, and it is these abilities that we wish to explore, to cultivate, and to share.
"We are part of Recovery Initiative, an organization run by and for the mental health Consumers of Hamilton County, Ohio. Recovery Initiative is under the umbrella of the Consumer Network.
"The name Vulcan's Forge has its roots in Greek mythology. Vulcan, an 'imperfect' god was ridiculed and humiliated by the other gods because of his differences. He was cast out of the Heavens and forced to prove himself by working hard at his forge transforming base metals into beautiful art forms. Through his labors and 'vulcanic' personal crises, Vulcan rose above his disabilities and the scorn of others, and was, himself, transformed." To view more of Vulcan's Forge's works, please visit http://www.mentalhealthconsumers.org.


E. Joan Rohrer
"Friends" -- Watercolor


"Stable Retreat" -- Pencil


Sharon N.L.N.
"Integration" -- Acrylic on canvas


Ann Kupper
"Woman at the Window"
Linoleum block print


Ronald English
"Victoria the Beautiful" - Acrylic on paper


Sarah Gallant
"Egyptian Connection" - Colored Pencil


Robin House
"Dreaming" - Marker


Luther God
"Love of Africa" - Acrylic


Celia Shooner
"Pidgen Man" - Photography


Joanne Riley
"Kissing Birds" - Colored Pencil


J. Sweemer
"Vigilance" - Watercolor


Robin House
Untitled - Marker

Renate is an artist rediscovering herself: "I have been diagnosed with complex PTSD and have dissociative disorder, but I do not have multiple personalities. I put my pencils down when I was six years old because it simply was not safe to do anything else. For thirty-seven years I had a soul deep desire to paint and draw but every time I would pick up a pencil or a brush I would begin to experience panic. Over time I came to believe I simply had no talent or ability despite the fact I have drawn and painted a thousand pictures in my mind.

"Then, last year when I was 43, my doctor changed my medication. Six weeks later I was looking at a picture in a magazine and I once again had the urge to pick up a pencil and draw what I was seeing. To my surprise I was able to recreate the image almost exactly. From that time on I have had access to a big part of myself that had been trapped deep inside for a lifetime. "




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