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Index of Sculptors

Adrianne Braverman
[email protected]
phone: 609/383-1514 – fax: 609/484-8887
A survivor of sexual abuse, Ms. Braverman has recently found sculpting. She also has two Bachelor of Arts degrees, in French and Business Administration.

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Brass Couple

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Copper Couple

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Flat Couple

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Aged Couple

Ingrid Madera

phone: 516/ 725-4371

Sculptor, artist and survivor, born in the Dominican Republic, Ms. Madera is an internationally known artist and single mother.
Vice President, Member/Art Gallery Liaison, Survivors Art Foundation
Exhibitions: East End Arts Council ” Separations” showing,1997, with a simultaneous showing at Christies Art Gallery in Sag Harbor,1997; the show then traveled to the “Verona America” exhibit, Verona Italy in late 1997. Artists Space, 1995. Taller Contemoranio de Arte, 1994. Asawag Hall ,1993. Artists and Homeless Collaborative 1992-1993. Public Art Project: Created on site projects with homeless woman to motivate and inspire independence by cultivating self-expression. She has been shown in single and group exhibits both nationally and internationally. Upcoming exhibits at Christies Art Gallery in Sag Harbor NY, October 1998. February 1999,  in her native home of the Dominican Republic, and through Christies Galleries International in Germany , March 1999.

Work shown below are High Relief Sculptures and Drawings, constructed of Indian Ink, Wire, Fiber Glass and Polyester Resin materials on Lvon.

InMa1.jpg (36711 bytes)

Separations 1 (36″ x 60″)

InMa2.jpg (46885 bytes)

Separations (40″ x 60″)

InMa3.jpg (38526 bytes)

Separations 4 (84″ x 46″)

InMa4.jpg (27922 bytes)

Flag (36″ x 86″)



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