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Karen Clementi 
A survivor of child abuse, Ms Clementi uses photography as a vehicle to express her painful feelings, stemming from said abuse.
The black and white photographs below are all 8×10 in size, shot in 1994.

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E. Jane Mundy
[email protected]
Ms. Mundy’s photographic and journalistic work below represent a large part of her own healing process. In recording these events for the exhibit, she validated her own sexual abuse history as well.
The following introduction, photographs and interviews, have been excerpted from Ms. Mundy’s web site.

“This exhibition WOUNDED BOYS – COURAGEOUS MEN is dedicated to the survivors of institutionalized child abuse. 

The students were from different cultural economic backgrounds. They were sent to the schools for a variety of reasons: delinquency, incorrigibility, abandonment, poverty and for protection from abusive homes. Some students were placed in the schools at six years of age and remained there until eighteen.

I have images of men next to the photographs of the little boys they once were. Some men have no photographs of themselves as children. The absence of this image speaks louder to me … a childhood lost. Once they were all vulnerable children.

Sexual abuse to children is not confined to institutionalized environments. It happens wherever there is an imbalance of power and lack of respect for human dignity. The misuse of power knows no economic or social boundaries. Therefore perpetrators come from all walks of life and wear many masks.

I thank all the men who had the courage to break the silence and share their stories. Through this sacred sharing my voice too, has been restored. I would like to thank you, the viewer, for your courage and openness. I hope this presentation allows you to listen and to hear these voices.

Note: The messages contained within each piece of art work have been rewritten to make concise what each man wanted to share. The interviews of these men produced many pages of transcribed material. I was respectful of their voice and have tried to keep their message intact as it was told. I take the responsibility of presenting their voice seriously.” — E. Jane Mundy

EJMu1.gif (156197 bytes) “I was in the care of the Children’s Aid and I was molested in foster homes and I started running away and I started using drugs to kill the pain and I was only eleven years old. They put me in Alfred, St. Joseph’s Training School. Sometimes I feel I’m just a kid being abused and beaten …. a frightened child in a corner and I don’t know how to get out it’s intense, very intense… Everyone says to me where are your emotions, my emotions are eating me alive that’s where my emotions are. I don’t know how to deal with them….. I don’t know what is right and what is wrong. I thank God I have some type of counseling because if I didn’t I would be dead today. How do you justify dehumanizing anyBODY.”
David Van Wart
Ottawa, Ontario

“They knew which kids to pick, which ones got no letters, no visitors and no family …. that fancy TV room for them honour guys and special kids …. pool tables and couches … and sexual abuse.
“I have no trust in any authority figure … he’d wait until he got your confidence then … he’d put his arm around you and boom …. punch you in the gut.
“To this day when my wife puts her arms around me I cringe. I just can’t let anyone get close to me. Right now I notice when my son runs up to hug me, I really don’t want to hug him …. I love my son. I give him a fast hug and say ya okay.”
George La Course
London, Ontario
EJMu2.gif (92325 bytes)
EJMu3.gif (118516 bytes) “I went in to St. John’s in 1956 and was there three years. I was sexually and physically abused. I didn’t tell my mom and dad cause they were good Catholics and I would have gotten a beating from saying that which can’t be true because children are protected by God and he doesn’t do things like this. I saw the older guys after the younger ones. I was put in there to go to school … look what I’ve got about a grade five education I don’t got no school. I used to get flashbacks …. feeling in my body … unable to wake up out of that nightmare screaming and hollering. I didn’t want to talk about what happened …they’ll say your queer.”
Mike Goslin
Orilla, Ontario

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