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Lynn Schirmer
[email protected]

A survivor of sexual abuse and related trauma, Ms. Schirmer is an accomplished artist in the mediums of oils and pastels.

LySc1.jpg (32202 bytes)

“Closet Time”
36″x18″ oil on canvas, 1995

LySc2.jpg (25268 bytes)

“Support”  56″x29″
pastel and charcoal on paper, 1995

Contact Gordie Albi at Torture Survivor Network:
[email protected]
For more information on Julio, see
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Julio is a torture survivor from Guatemala. The torture inflicted on Julio rendered his right arm useless. The Torture Survivors Network assisted in Julio’s rehabilitation, during which time learned to draw with his left hand and rediscovered a joy for life.

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Julio2.jpg (45164 bytes)


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Julio5.gif (116493 bytes)

The Bicycle 

Leslie Kursh
[email protected]
A survivor of incest, Ms. Kursh explains, “Art allows me to express the deep rooted feelings I have, that have yet to find a voice.” She has no formal training in art and “like other survivors, finds great comfort in sharing her work with those who understand.”

LeKu1.jpg (46949 bytes)

One Soul

LeKu2.jpg (36943 bytes)

The Well

LeKu3.jpg (47740 bytes)

The Infant

LeKu4.jpg (50298 bytes)

The Innocent


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