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Lucille Leggio
[email protected]
Lucille Leggio has over thirty years experience in the art field as an artist and instructor. Her talents include Oil Painting, Acrylics, Frescoes, Computer Graphics, Greeting Cards, and Poetry. Lucille has traveled the Eastern Seaboard teaching, doing large workshops and guest speaking for various organizations. As a native of Long Island she now resides in Hampton Bays.

Art is as much a part of her life as breathing. Art is not what she does, as much as who she is, an ARTIST. Lucille is of Italian Heritage and that rich ancestry has given her a zest for life and the fortitude to overcome challenges, that have astonished most. After achieving moderate success as a professional freelance fine artist, Lucille incorporated her prowess into her rehabilitation following a pedestrian accident in 1991. It has taken many years of struggling through therapy to learn to read, write, talk, walk and create her art again.

At present she works on her paintings and at “Lasting Impressions by Leggio” Card Company that produces inspirational cards. Since her accident this seems to be her way of reaching out to others. Friends have been gracious enough to supply her with endless photos from around the area and Europe. Her floral and landscapes are strong, reflecting her struggles, yet serene.  Many people have asked why she paints what she does. It’s her way of traveling with her minds eye to the places in the photographs.

Her art affiliations are with the Artist Alliance of East Hampton, East End Arts Council, and the Southampton Artists Association where she has been the Newsletter Editor and on the Board of Directors. Being a Hampton Bays Chamber of Commerce member, she is also an Art Consultant for their Annual Art Show. Another affiliation is with the well-known organization Pilot International, whose mission is to help those with brain related disorders.

“Lilacs and Tulips” — Acrylics
This was the first Acrylic painting in 1993 ever worked on after the accident. This painting took over 8 months to finish while the paint brushes were held in her mouth and adjusted equipment made for her left hand after loosing the ability to use her primary right hand. Prints are available 8 x 10 and 16 x 20. E-mail me at
[email protected]

“Daisy, Daisy” – 30” x 40,” Sculptural Acrylics
This was created in sculptural acrylic modeling medium. Her eyesight became extremely impaired due to the head injury; this is a three-dimensional painting as it is raised off the canvas. It was created keeping in mind that a dear friend who was blind would now be able to feel the texture and feel the painting itself. 

“Serenity Bench” — 36” x 48” Oil
This was created in 1994, 1st Oil painting after returning to her art. Prints are available 8 x10 and 12 x 16. E-mail me at
[email protected]

“Yellow Tiger Lilies” — Oil
One of the first created with the reuse of her right hand in 1995, part of a series of oversized floral paintings.

“Brooklyn Gardens” — Acrylics on Paper
Auctioned, held in Private Collection

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