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Visual Arts 9

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Doug Yelmen

Doug “Blue” Yelmen: “Born 8-15-47. Vietnam service: March to June ’68. BA in Fine Arts1975, MSW (Masters Social Work) Dec. 1990. Worked for DVA as PTSD counselor from 1991 to 1996. Disability retirement in 1997,100% for PTSD in 1999.”


“War Sucks” — mixed media on canvas


“Untitled” — acrylic on canvas, graphite on gesso, 36″ x 48″


“CyberBunker” — Photoshop

Raven Kaliana
“My art has been a means of healing from severe abuse perpetrated against me during childhood. Each time I make a painting, I feel that it frees some part of my soul, by making my experiences visible to others. I feel that when I share my art, I help others to see through to their own inner strength and ability..”


“To Dream a Different Way” — Acrylic paint, 18″x24″

© 1996 Raven Kaliana


“Worth Defending” — Acrylic and modeling paste, 24″x36″

© 1994 Raven Kaliana

[email protected]
“I am Stella, 17 years old, in a 32 years old body of a multiple system. We are Survivors of organized Child-abuse. Painting – a way to tell stories without saying any word. All is learned autodidactic. I prefer pastels and gouache for the strength of the colors.”


“Memories” — gouache


“We – a different kind of self-portrait” —


“No Help” — pastels


“Dissociation” — pastels

Melodie Eiteljorge
“I was a victim of rape many years ago and barely lived. I had a severed artery which required surgery.”


“The Rape” — acrylics on canvas

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