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Susan Davis
[email protected]
Ms. Davis works in Sumi-E.

SuDa1.jpg (72,740 bytes)

Traditional Sumi-E, black
and white

SuDa2.jpg (74,826 bytes)


SuDa3.jpg (77,646 bytes)

Sumi-E with color


Linda Ness – “The Art of Healing”
“This gallery of paintings serves as a witness to a personal journey of healing
from childhood sexual abuse. These richly colored figurative images are seeds of
hope and understanding. By stopping the eye, waking the emotions and offering insights
into an emotional subject that has been governed by taboo and secrecy for too long,
my hope is that survivors become inspired and encouraged to work through their own
issues, thus breaking the cycle of abuse.”
Here is Linda’s bio from the book, “She Who Was Lost Is Remembered: Healing
from Incest Through Creativity,” which features her works: “Linda Ness
is a self-taught artist who has lived and worked in Seattle for over twenty years.
Her early work in the printing and graphics industry contributed to her own successful
graphic arts career. In addition, her hundreds of paintings over the last sixteen
years are evidence of her own committment to healing from the horrors of a childhood
filled with physical, emotional and sexual abuse. Her paintings have been recognized
and included in numerous exhibits in the Pacific Northwest.”

LiNe1.jpg (76,539 bytes)

Bible Reading

LiNe2.jpg (75,542 bytes)

Out of Body

LiNe3.jpg (82,944 bytes)

Tightrope Romance

LiNe4.jpg (43,214 bytes)

Daydream Reality

karmagrrl is a survivor of
incest, abuse and domestic violence. She is disabled with CFIDS (Chronic Fatigue
Immune Dysfunction Syndrome) and Fibromyalgia. Due to her disability, she has switched
from using traditional fine art techniques to more “hand friendly” things
such as sponges, crayons, large-handled children’s paintbrushes, and even finger-painting.
See also her Poetry and Digital Art.

karm1.jpg (58,518 bytes)

“i was born left
16″ x 20″ acrylics


“survival dance
12″ x 16″ acrylics

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