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Digital Art 2

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R.Bear is a survivor of abuse who is currently working on recovering a normal
life. She enjoys doing artwork and is currently also writing her own story, illustrated
with her artwork. She has a dissociative disorder and is also disabled from an injury
which occured during the abuse, and from a nerve disorder that is similar to multiple
sclerosis. “I hope to share something of myself that would be of a healing nature
for other survivors.” See also her poetry.


woman holding heart


healing sun


split perspective



karmagrrl is a survivor of
incest, abuse and domestic violence. She is disabled with CFIDS (Chronic Fatigue
Immune Dysfunction Syndrome) and Fibromyalgia. “i started making mandalas when
I became disabled. as a way of passing the time, i would draw them on the computer,
print them out, and hand color them. when I could no longer hold crayons or colored
pencils to hand-color them, i started creating them as digital art. i have done literally
thousands of mandalas. i feel the mandala is a great tool for healing.” See
also her Poetry and Visual Art.


“dark faces”




“razor fan”


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