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Visual Arts 3

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Roxanne Chinook
[email protected]
Ms. Chinook was born in 1954, and is a tribal member of The Confederated Tribes of
Warm Springs in Oregon, where she currently resides. She has a Fine Arts Degree from
Boise State University. She inherited much of her artistic ability from her native
roots: “My grandmother, my mother, my sister and my Uncle Mike were all gifted
artists. When I graduated from college there weren’t many jobs available in a college
town, especially art related. I was newly divorced with two young daughters to raise
on my own, so I decided to move back to ‘the rez’ to be close to my family. I was
driving to my brother’s house when an eagle flew directly over my car, and for the
first time in my life I actually felt I was on the right path. I knew all my relatives
were watching over me, and they wanted me to discover the beauty of my heritage and
to pass that beauty on to others … so they and myself will always be remembered.
That is why I paint, and for that I am proud.” See also her poetry.

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Kussa’s Playing Walushka

“Living Earth”
manystoryII(at)yahoo(dot)com — remove (at)s to email
“Living Earth’s” work tends to
be deeply shamanic and cross-cultural in nature. The artist says, “I heal from
severe traumas, abduction, abuse and exploitation. I deal with Tourette syndrome,
seizures, partial vision loss, and dissociation. My written and visual work concerns
dignity and peaceful coexistence. Respect for those in wheelchairs. Respect for those
whose wheelchairs are in their brains or minds.”

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I Am Clay

LiEa2.gif (54,474 bytes)


LiEa3.gif (124,516 bytes)

Untitled Spirit Mask

LiEa4.gif (192,442 bytes)

Spirit of January (for

Elaine McComb
A master Sumi-E artist, Ms. McComb created these paintings after a major heart
attack 5 years ago. We regret that Ms. McComb is now deceased, and are honored to
present her works here.

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