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Visual Arts 2

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Candyce Brokaw
Ms. Brokaw is a survivor of sexual abuse and rape, and is Founder and Executive
Director of the Survivors Art Foundation. She is a published illustrator and poet.
See also her Poetry.

CaBr1.jpg (43681 bytes)

9″x12″ pen and ink

CaBr2.jpg (28734 bytes)

9″x12″ pen and ink

CaBr3.gif (40438 bytes)

7″x10″ pen and ink

Kim Schneiderhan
[email protected]   
A survivor of sexual abuse/incest, Ms. Schneiderhan has been very active on and off
the web for survivors of sexual abuse. See also her poetry.

KiSc1.jpg (43300 bytes)

Child of the Earth

KiSc2.jpg (44361 bytes)

Emerging Soul

KiSc3.jpg (30416 bytes)

Life Line

KiSc4.jpg (55462 bytes)


Joan Berglund
Mail: 75 South Main St., Southampton, N.Y. 11968
As a survivor of Leukemia, Ms Berglund’s positive attitude and internal strengths
shine through her work. A watercolor landscape artist primarily, she also works in

JoBe1.jpg (20743 bytes)

JoBe2.jpg (15171 bytes)

JoBe3.jpg (22616 bytes)

Christine McWilliams
[email protected]
“As we travel the downward spiral into
darkness, the light reveals itself and the veils of illusion fall away, revealing
only truth. Using art and creative expression as a healing force takes us from the
demonic to the divine, embracing all aspects of ourselves. Traumatic experiences
can be viewed as an invitation to a journey into ourselves”

Ms. McWilliams’ paintings are available for viewing
and for sale, by appointment only. Healing-Art commissions accepted.

ChMc1.jpg (81645 bytes)

“The Darkness Within”
Acrylic media 32″ x 48″

ChMc2.jpg (103747 bytes)


Acrylic media 32″ x 48″

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