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Digital Art 3

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Robert W. Rose
[email protected]
Mr. Rose is physically disabled (residual
effects of infantile osteomyleitus – shortened right leg, osteoarthritis, spinal
scoleosis, chronic pain, etc.) He has exhibited his work in the SF Bay area and Northern
Nevada region. “My art is interwoven with my metaphysical beliefs.” Visit
his gallery above for higher-resolution reproductions and more digital works.


Portal of Ancient Memories


Plane of Desire


Particle Wave 1


Vision from Angleterre

John McKenna
John McKenna is married to an abuse survivor.
John grew up in a loving environment, but with a father who left very early and a
mother who worked outside the home to support them. His mother working was a good
thing but John still spent many hours alone and has had to overcome a lot of rejection,
loneliness and hurt in his life. He loves science fiction and nature and loves to
spend time building computers and doing graphic art on the computer. He says it is
very healing for him to do his art, and wants to share it with other people.









Alexandria Heather-Vasquez
[email protected]
Alexandria Heather-Vazquez was first published
at the age of nine. Her work has appeared in dozens of publications, magazines, books
and galleries, both in the United States and abroad. She uses a variety of pseudonyms
to examine the responses to identical art from male and female artists. Although
this experiment has many variables, thus far she has discovered that the responses
to male pseudonyms overwhelm the female names for the same works. A multi-media artist,
her work examines the many imbalances within our world. Dedicated to the belief that
men and women must recognize each other and the earth as interdependent organisms,
her art, films, poems and fiction are the end result of an ongoing process of understanding
years of childhood sexual abuse. She lives in Manhattan with her husband, stepdaughter,
turtle, iguanas, and two very pushy cats.




“Bad Planet”
CD Cover

Patricia D Hemrick

“I am a 43 year old survivor of multiple
tramas. My life partner and I reside in the foothills of the Carolina’s where I write
poetry and short stories and am compiling a book for family and friends. I dabble
in various different types of art and it is that passion for creativity coupled with
the gift of a deeper knowing that has kept me grounded throughout my life. I have
discovered during the last three years that I am far stronger than I ever dreamed
possible. I am a warrior, a womyn, a child that is moving ever so constant toward
my goal of becoming a more loving, forgiving, and healing self. Iëve looked
fear in the eye, tasted it on my lips, and carried in my breast until I crushed it
with my strength. I will not be kept down! I have an inner light that was meant to
shine; and as long as I can draw one breath; I have faith that my God will see it
through! These are my words; this is my truth, my soulsong. And I know above and
beyond all else, I will survive! I believe that there is not only a healing; but
a higher plateau of inner peace and knowledge and understanding to be found only
through the arts. Oscar Wilde once said ‘Find an expression for a sorrow and it will
become dear to you.’ I know these words to be true.”


“Winter’s Embrace”
– Photoshop


“Old Glory Days”
– Photoshop


“A Carolina Winter”
– Photoshop


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