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Children’s “Visions of the New Millenium”


Another view of the ART SENSE mural along with other children’s works at the United Nations.

ART SENSE, a nine-foot mural, was created with children who have mental challenges, hearing and visual impairments. It took one year of continuous hard work, tenacity, and volunteerism to complete the project. The hopeful message for viewers, either visually or through touch, is one of experiencing heightened awareness of the senses through the creative expression of art. This extraordinary mosaic was the combined effort of Marietta Dantonio, RIK Fryer, Harrison Hober, Mary Kate McKinley, Pat Shawe, Diana Stevenson, Alexander Trotty, and Terre Walton, along with 200 art student participants from: Brandywine High School Honor Society, The Davidson School (Primary, Middle and Secondary Classes), Elwyn, Inc. (Therapeutic Recreation and Residential Recreation Departments), Holy Rosary Jr. Art Honor Society, and the National A.R.T.S. Center Art Honor Society.

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