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Joanna Whitney
[email protected]
The Art of Recovery:
(Intuitive Art)
Joanna Whitney began drawing in early childhood, and it became her first escape and
respite. She now has a Master of Fine Arts degree, and has won many awards. Ms. Whitney
has been involved in many performances that combine paintings, poetry, music and
video. “I make art as a prayer; as a celebration; as a way to connect myself
to myself. I make art as a way to receive psychic guidance; as a way to ground myself
to the earth and to daily living. I make art to give away to my friends; to bring
spirit into the world; to integrate all my selves. I make art to heal my pain.”
Ms. Whitney calls her style of art “Intuitive.”




Marlino Dream


Acapulco Changes


California Dyptych




Ceres & Persephone

Constanze Hoeverman
Ms. Hoeverman is the last of nine children. She experienced the trauma of a murder
of a childhood friend and is also a survivor of physical, sexual and emotional abuse.
Her works here are in crayon on 12″ x 18″ paper. She has also worked with
needlepoint and ceramics.


“Crying in silence.”


“Constanze trying
to figure out the rules of the Game of Life.
The only real rule:
do what you can to survive.”

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