March 2001, In Honor of Women’s History Month

Survivors Art Foundation

Multimedia Art Exhibition

In honor of Women’s History Month

Dedicated in loving memory to Gloria Baer Kalender

This event was made possible in part with public funds from the New York State Council on the Arts. In Suffolk the County Decentralized Program is administered by the Huntington Arts Council, Inc.

Wings of Love

“Wings of Love “, created under the direction of artist, art therapist, outreach coordinator of SAF, Marietta Dantonio-Fryer and her assistant Rik Fryer, The 8 foot powerful mural “Wings of Love” was created by women at Baylor Correctional Center. These women are all living with AIDS. It is an inspirational painting about their trials, their pain of their past, and their hope for the future. There are blue images of women standing back to back in the painting which are the participants. They depict the idea that if women can stand together, they will stand tall and be the hope for our children in the future. The background is done in a crackling technique to show that drugs and abuse causes fracturing of the family and the self. There are symbols of life, courage, accountability, responsibility, and love flowing freely to their children. The center is a symbol of birth, and the fire within their hearts going outwards towards the children of the world. “Within these walls a spirit blooms.” It is a passionate portrayal of women joined in a common cause. To heal the wounds within and to protect the children. Marietta says, “I salute you: Andrea, Anita, Headie, Lori, Tammy, Yvette, Tanya, and Tysheik.” This project was a collaborative effort of Survivors Art Foundation, Delaware Center for Justice, and Baylor Correctional Center.

Seasons of Change

“Seasons of Change” Silk Painting facilitated by Marietta Dantonio-Fryer, SAF Outreach Coordinator, the “Seasons of Change” project is a silk painting mounted onto a wooden, butterfly-shaped frame. Young students collaborated with senior adults to promote greater awareness of the issues facing the elderly. Adults shared the wisdom gained from living long fruitful lives, and lessons were transmitted through silk biographies. The center of the butterfly is the tree of life, with computer-scanned photos of each participant printed onto silk.

Stand By Me and Be Free

“Stand By Me and Be Free “, an 8-foot mural embedded with healing gemstones created by prisoners with AIDS from Delaware Correctional Center. A collaboration with Survivors Art Foundation, the Delaware Center for Justice and the Delaware Department of correction. Designed by SAF Outreach Coordinator/Artist Marietta Dantonio-Fryer & Rik Fryer. An Art Outreach Project conducted with male inmates from Delaware Correctional Center, who have AIDS. Marietta Dantonio-Fryer, SAF Outreach Project Coordinator and Professor of Art and Chyeney University, PA created this project. The title came about because the men feel like lepers and just want to be held by another human being, and would like to convey an educational message to the public about AIDS Awareness and Prevention, as well as breaking the bias towards those with AIDS.

The Guardian

“The Guardian”
Artist, Educator, Marietta Dantonio-Fryer, SAF outreach coordinator worked with teenage students with mental and emotional challenges, at Elwyn Incorporated in Pa. They created the incredible mural, The Guardian. The mural addresses vital questions, such as: How do I love others and myself? How can children help stop drug abuse, violence and hatred? Each symbol represents a part of the solution. The mural weighs about 1,000 lb. and includes plaster death masks of the children’s faces. This encouraged trust within the group. The eyes are mirrors, at the student’s request. Because as the children stated, “society fears them but has created them.” As a viewer looks upon the masks, they see themselves.

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