“Women and Children of the New Millenium” 11

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“Women and Children of the New Millenium”

Selections from the Jooniper Stav Collection

  • From Jooniper Stav:

    “I was born in Israel to a manic-depressive mother, who is also a daughter of Holocaust survivors. I lived with her for the 17 years of my life. When I finally decided I had to live my own life, not hers. I moved here this summer with my father, stepmother and five siblings.

    ‘Had I not fallen, I would not have arisen.
    Had I not been subject to darkness, I could not have seen the light’
    -Midrash (translated from Hebrew).

    “Art is where I just let myself go. I let out everything I feel. It is great therapy because nothing is stopping me and everything I feel or want to say is legitimate. Nothing has to make sense, only to me.

    “The works with Vaseline are the ones I made at the time I felt most captivated by my mother’s life and problems. The guilt and anger made me feel like such a horrible person. For the first time, she tried to reach out to me, but I felt it was too late; I was not going to give in this time. This is probably my most angry work. I wanted people to touch my paintings and feel repulsed, reluctant, just like I did. (Acrylic, Vaseline and toilet paper on cardboard, November 1999).

    “The dark faces are titled ‘Nameless Faces.’ I created them in September 1999, out of tar and cardboard. At the time I felt I wish I could be someone else, born to a different mother, so I could be a different me.

    “The ‘Weary Woman Series’ are etchings in bronze (May 1999). I felt tired, and careless. All I wanted was to sleep so I could live in my own world, by myself.

    “The colorful paintings of birds are the ‘Blossoming of my soul.’ I made them when I knew I was moving away. I felt that this was my time to start my journey of being free. With out the burden of my mothers’ life. (Acrylic on cardboard, July 1999)”

Various Media, including Acrylic, Tar on Cardboard, and Bronze Etchings

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