Lilith Fair Virtual Scrapbook

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Lilith Fair Virtual Scrapbook

Survivors Art Foundation was selected by Lilith Fair to provide an Interactive Art Program at various August 1999 Lilith Fairs–in Hartford, CT, Jones Beach, NY and Denver, CO. SAF volunteers worked with all age groups attending the concert on an art project that will be displayed on both the Lilith Fair and SAF web sites, as part of their “Mosaic Project.” In addition, SAF provided volunteers to do face and body painting for the concert attendees as part of the project.

It was a great event for all, as so many people were able to work “hands on” with various fun art supplies and complete small works of art, and then see them hanging together with all the other pieces. These pieces will be assembled into the commemorative “Lilith Fair Hearts and Hands Quilt” and will be mounted on two-sided wood panels, the final presentation giving the illusion of walking through a maze. (Music and photographs from the Fair will also be incorporated into the final installation presentation.) The commemorative “Lilith Fairs Hands and Hearts Quilt” will tour regionally with the Survivors Art Foundation’s Multi-Media Art Exhibitions. Please enjoy flipping through our scrapbook of photographs taken at these Lilith Fair events!

Survivors Art Foundtion at Lilith Fair

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