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Survivors Art Foundation

Affiliate: International Health Awareness Network (IHAN)

Survivors Art Foundation is pleased to announce its affiliation with the International Health Awareness Network (IHAN). Dr. Sorosh Roshan, President of IHAN, is the International Liaison for the SAF Advisory Board. Dr. Suzanne Stutman, President of SAF Advisory Board, is a member of the IHAN Advisory Board.

IHAN logoIHAN’s Mission Statement:

To advance women’s and children’s health at local, national and international levels through education.

To work with the United Nations and other organizations to advocate and to implement programs and policies that improve women’s and children’s health and quality of life.

To educate, empower and provide health care to women and children with a focus on indigences, low socioeconmic groups and less privileged women and children globally.

To develop, organize and conduct health projects, i.e. mass immunization, primary health care screening and treatment, educational workshops and fund raising to support these projects.

To participate in international and national health-related developmental conferences and network with other organizations.

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Dr. Sorosh Roshan, M.D., M.P.H., F.A.C.O.G.
President of IHAN, International Liason for the SAF Advisory Board

Sorosh RoshanDr. Sorosh Roshan, President of IHAN, International Health Awareness Network, has joined the SAF Advisory Board. Dr. Sorosh Roshan will act as SAF’s International Liaison for the Advisory Board. IHAN has hosted 8 symposiums at the United Nations and participated in countless other crucial collaborative efforts to stop violence towards women and children worldwide.

Sorosh Roshan is a Board Certified Obstetrician and Gynecologist, and a Fellow of the American College of Obstetrics and Gynecology. She is an Attending Physician at Overlook Hospital, Summit, N.J. In 1988, she received her Masters in Public Health from New York University, where she is now an Adjunct Assistant Professor teaching “Women’s International Health Issues.”

As a Non-Governmental Organization’s delegate to the United Nations since 1987, Dr. Roshan has been on the forefront of issues affecting women throughout th world. As such, she is the Coordinator of the Standing Committee of General Well Being for the International Council of Women and the first Vice President for the National Council of Women/U.S.A.

She has presented at the U.N. Conferences on Women’s Health in Nairobi (1985), Rio de Janeiro (1929), Guatemala (1f992), Vienna (1993), Copenhagen (1994) and Beijing (1995). In 1990 Dr. Roshan founded, and is President of the International Health Awareness network (IHAN), a non-profit organization dedicated to improving the health and welfare of women and children, particularly in developing countries. IHAN has been instrumental in planning and implementing international health conferences and field projects in Kenya, Jordan, Ethiopia, Egypt and Iran. Through Dr. Roshan’s fund-raising efforts, IHAN was able to realize important health projects in Kenya: building a health clinic, donating an ambulance, and vaccinating 10,000 children; for a hospital for children in Romania; for a battered women’s shelter in Brooklyn; and donating a mammography unit for women of Ghana, among other projects. With Oxfam and Zonta, IHAN enabled a cyclone-proof shelter to be built in Bangladesh.

Born in Iran, Dr. Roshan was inspired by her grandmother, a midwife and traditional healer, to become a physician. She received her medical degree from Tehran University, and completed her residencies at London University and Albert Einstein College of Medicine, N.Y. For twenty-five years, Dr. Roshan has maintained an Ob/Gyn practice in Summit, N.J. The mother of two grown children, she enjoys sports, opera, classical music and fund-raising for projects that make a difference in people’s lives. She raised funds to establish the Persian Cultural Humanitarian Association, and a chair honoring Professor Nasrollah Fatemi, at Fairleigh Dickinson University, N.J.

Dr.Roshan’s achievements have been recognized by awards from: the Union County commission on the Status of Women (1993); State of New Jersey Professional Business Women’s “Women of Achievement” (1989); Professional Business Women’s Association, Millburn/Short Hills, N.J.; “Recognition Award for Achievement in Promotion of Women’s Health”; the National Network of Women Award (1977).

Deeply committed to women’s empowerment through health and education, Dr. Roshan works to improve women’s lives at the grass roots level, and to affecting policies at the highest governmental levels.

IHAN Books and Articles:

Book: “Symposium on the Elimination of Violence Against Women and Children”

Edited by Dr. Sorosh Roshan, M.D, M.P.H. and Purificacion Quisumbing, Ph.D.
From the March 6,1998 United Nations Symposium. Sponsored by the Permanent Mission of Bangladesh to the United Nations and International Health Awareness Network. Topics include: Morning Session held at the UNICEF House: “Female Circumcision: Clinical, Legal, and Ethical Issues,” and Afternoon Session held at the United Nations: “The Elimination of Violence Against Women and Children.”

To order a copy of this book send a check for $10 plus $3 shipping to:
International Health Awareness Network
Medical Arts Center
33 Overlook Road, Suite 310
Summit, New Jersey 07901

United Nations Conference, December 8, 1998
IHAN’s “Women’s Rights to Health and Develoment,” in honor of the 50th Anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights

Featuring a speech from the Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights on Women’s Human Rights to Health, located below the program. The program opened with a Welcome by Sorosh Roshan, M.D., President (IHAN) The International Health Awareness Network, and the Survivors Art Foundation International Liason to the Advisory Board. Full text of this speech can be found on our Special Report page.

International Health Awareness Network Symposium
United Nations, March 16, 1999

Please see our
Special Report page for more information.

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