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Online Multimedia Exhibitions

UNIFEM Exhibition, “Progress of the World’s Women,” June 2000
An International Art Exhibition featuring the works of artists and poets of Survivors Art Foundation, held in the Visitor’s Lobby of the United Nations, June 5-27, 2000, 1st Avenue and East 45th Street, New York City. Artworks include the Kosovo silk panels, created by young adults ages 13 to 22 years, as well as other female survivors’ works from SAF’s participating artists (including Oxana Narozniak, Bojana Blagojevic, and Ingrid Madera). The exhibition will mark the progress of women from around the world. View the UNIFEM Show online.

“Women and Children of the New Millennium,” March 2000
In Honor of Women’s History Month, Southampton Cultural Center, March 2000. The Kosovo works were on exhibit along with works from survivors worldwide. SAF also involved local schools in an essay contest and weekday tours to view the exhibition. View the show online soon.

United Nations, December 1999 – February 2000
The Children’s “Visions of the New Millennium” Exhibition was featured in the lobby of the United Nations, December 17 through February 28, 2000. This Exhibition featured the Survivors Art Foundation Kosovo Refugee Out-Reach Project “Flight to Freedom Mobile” and eight hand-painted silk panels and photographs; Other children’s works from SAF’s Safe Kids Web site were also exhibited, including “Art Sense”, a ten foot ceramic mosaic mural created by 200 deaf and blind children from the Elywin Facility, Media PA.; a magnificent eight-foot circular acrylic painting titled “Journey into Healing,” created by teenage rape survivors (ages 13-18); from Bosnia, a photo-journalistic study created by children (ages 5-16) during the war; and a reproduction of the Ferris School for Boy’s Murals. The exhibition is in collaboration with the United Nations. View the United Nations show online.

USArtists, October 1999
The “USArtists Exhibition” featured ten hand-painted silk panels from the Survivors Art Foundation Kosovo Refugees Outreach Project. The USArtists Exhibition took place on October 22, 23, and 24th, 1999 at the 33rd Street Armory, Philadelphia, PA.
View the panels onlineView excerpts from the USArtists show online.

360° Panoramic Galleries:
September, 1999
Survivors Art Foundation, in collaboration with the Huntington Breast Cancer Coalition, exhibited at Saks Fifth Avenue in Huntington NY, September 22-28,1999. SAF participants Oxana’s and Wendy Csoka’s work were featured at an in-store exhibition; all proceeds supporting breast cancer research.
View 360° Panoramic Gallery online in both QuickTime and Java.

August, 1999
The “Head for Health” Seminar and Multi-Media Art Exhibition was hosted by the Hofstra Museum at Hofstra University, in collaboration with Survivors Art Foundation and the Acoustic Neuroma Association, on August 14, 1999.
View “Head for Health” online now.

Online Scrapbook
SAF at August, 1999 Lilith Fairs

Survivors Art Foundation was selected by the Lilith Fair to provide the concertgoers at various sites around the country with an Inter-Active Arts Program. 1999 is the last year that the all-female performer concert, the Lilith Fair, will be touring the US. SAF volunteers worked with all age groups attending the concert on an art project that will be displayed on the Lilith Fair and SAF web sites. View the Lilith Fair Virtual Scrapbook online.

June, 1999
Survivors Art Foundation conducted an art Outreach Program, “Flight to Freedom,” with the Kosovo Refugees at Fort Dix, NJ. View “Flight to Freedom” online.

Premier Exhibit a Success
“Birth,” the first multimedia art show of the new Survivor’s Art Foundation (SAF) premiered March 19-21 at the Southampton Cultural Center. Featuring the work of more than 40 artists, both local and international, “Birth” focused on the healing power of art in all forms from painting, sculpture, and photography to dance, poetry and computer arts
View the “Birth” show online.