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Fiber Art: Scroll Mounting

Cindy Powers
[email protected],jp
Ms. Powers is a fiber artist who has been studying scroll mounting for several years
in Japan. “To me, scrolls represent a space in which to explore the sacred.
Having come to a point in my life where I needed to re-examine all previously held
beliefs, scroll making has helped me to discover and acknowledge that in which I
can still believe.”
“This particular scroll began as a portrait of the Chinese goddes of mercy and
ended as an icon of feminine capability and strength. In it, I see the value of remaining
centered and the multitude of skills the bloom in every woman. It was for me a very
healing project and I hope that sharing it will have some meaning for others as well.”

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Fiber Arts

Noel Clark – Beaumonde
[email protected]


Jaclyn Stein Henderson
Jaclyn Stein Henderson is an author, poet
and quilt artist living in the Pacific Northwestern United States. She is a survivor
of sexual abuse, domestic violence, incest and cult mind control. In 1999 she was
diagnosed manic-depressive, a Bi-polar I, Rapid Cycler, paranoid psychotic. Jaclyn
takes prescribed medications and is an advocate for the National Alliance for the
Mentally Ill (NAMI). Interestingly enough, she completed two terms of naturopathic
medical school and has been a licensed massage therapist and counselor for 19 years.
She is also a published author.



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