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Children’s “Visions of the New Millenium”


The Children’s “Visions of the New Millennium” Exhibition was featured in the lobby of the United Nations, December 17 through February 28, 2000. This Exhibition featured the Survivors Art Foundation Kosovo Refugee Out-Reach Project “Flight to Freedom Mobile” and eight hand-painted silk panels and photographs; Other children’s works from SAF’s Safe Kids Web site were also exhibited, including “Art Sense”, a ten foot ceramic mosaic mural created by 200 deaf and blind children from the Elywin Facility, Media PA.; a magnificent eight-foot circular acrylic painting titled “Journey into Healing,” created by teenage rape survivors (ages 13-18); from Bosnia, a photo-journalistic study created by children (ages 5-16) during the war; and a reproduction of the Ferris School for Boy’s Murals. The exhibition is in collaboration with the United Nations.

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