“HAT” – Healing, Art and Technology

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“HAT” … Healing, Art and Technology

September 2000

One of the most recent SAF Outreach Programs is the “HAT” — Healing, Art & Technology — Program, in which SAF conducts both art and technology training workshops with populations such as at-risk youth, and domestic violence shelters, etc. The program was recently conducted at Ft. Riley, Kansas, training 92 US Army International Art Directors, Sept 21-25, 2000. We have proposed that this program will be followed by an Art and Technology Outreach Project with U.S. Army Soldiers and their families, at risk youth and possibly soldiers with PTSD returing from Kosovo.

SAF would like to thank the Epson America Corporation for their generous support in providing essential computer scanning, printing and digital photography equipment in order to make the “HAT” Technology Training Program possible.



In front of the Fort Riley Arts and Crafts Center, from right: Dan Riley, A&C Director from Vicenza, Italy; Michael Herships and Candyce Brokaw of Surviviors Art Foundation; Jan Osthus, Army Arts & Crafts Program Manager; Marietta Dantonio-Fryer and Joel Keener of Survivors Art Foundation.

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