“You Are Not Alone”

Created under the direction of internationally renowned artist, Lenape, Professor of Art, Marietta Dantonio-Fryer, Chairperson of the Humanities and Communications Arts Department of Cheyeny University of Pennsylvania, founder of  Totem Rhythms , and outreach coordinator for Survivors Art Foundation worked in collaboration with Paul Boggia of the Main Street Counseling Center with six children from the Dominick a. Lockwood child and Adolescent treatment Center  in Stroudsburg, Pa. , The children worked with seven volunteers, Professor Fryer and colleague Professor Keener in November 2008 to create a 6 foot plus  by 6 foot  plus sculptural turtle shaped mural. The Turtle mural “You Are Not Alone” is covered with symbols and colors influenced by Native American, African and Western colors and symbols depicting the intense emotions of the children who expressed their deepest thoughts, fears and love which added in their healing process. A Native American hand crafted talking stick was used for communication and sharing while participants sat in a sacred circle. The Medicine wheel assisted youth to find placement for their chosen animals, shapes and colors which represented their personalities. The turtle, a Native American symbol of the Americas and mother earth has 13 distinct shapes on it back which correlates to the 13 individuals who worked on the mural. Following in the mission of the Main Street counseling Center, the “You Are Not Alone” mural project helped lead youth on their path to self esteem, self sufficiency and self love. Totem Rhythms, Inc, mission is to recapture, restore and re tell traditional Indigenous stories inclusive of Native American, onto wooden totem poles. TR has worked with various Indigenous groups creating 20 totem poles preserving traditional stories and has exhibited the finished totem poles at the United Nations for the Indigenous people’s exhibits.


Participants: Shane Taylor, Shannon Boyle, Paul Balog, Michelle Agular, Kaitlyn Toledo, Zachery Warner Volunteers: Director Paul Boggia, Art Director  Professor Marietta Dantonio-Fryer, Professor Joel T. Keener, Amir Campbell, Gloria Davis, Dane Bard, Portia Davidson, Pamela Boggia, Nova Chan, Elizabeth Douglass, Snowflake Video- Lesyle Abby Sponsors: Cheyney University of Pennsylvania, Kathy Lockwood, Snowflake Video, Survivors Art Foundation , C2F Art Supply, Quinlin Studio, Frank Quinlin, Jan Supco, Brett Alexander, Roy Pape, Portia Davidson, Pamela Boggia-Alba, Alexson Corporation, Professor  Marietta  Dantonio-Fryer , Professor Joel Keener and J.D. Peterson ( music)

www.cheyney.edu  www.totemrhythmsinc.org  www.survivorsartfoundation.org  www.snowflakevideo.com